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Claimant: Timmzorz. Lordarikel In his absense.


The proud Kallinstrate Kingdom claims the Theron island, the largest northern island amongst the human lands of D'hennex. The entire island is ruled by a monarchy, and has been since it broke away from the fabled An-Yneaith Kingdom, hundreds of years ago when the High King chose the Theron island to be his first, and largest colony. Before the human takeover of Theron, the island was inhabited by various demi-human clans. These clans were at best primitive, and although it took years the powerful An-Yneaith armies drove out the barbaric tribes, leaving the Theron island open for formal in habitation.

The High King appointed a powerful commander by the name of Kallin Denholm to lead the scourge of Theron. After a few years of constant military presence the Demi-Human clans had all apparently been destroyed. Upon the cleansing of the Theron island the King, by popular demand, appointed Kallin to be the High King's voice in the new colony. After his ceremony Kallin left the hall with an oath: he would turn the previously barbaric lands of Theron into a honorable colony of the An-Yneaith kingship. Kallin thought his King would be pleased with his new oath.

When in reality, the High King simply wanted Kallin to run a slave camp. The Theron Island was full of rich minerals and fertile lands. The King advertised good work and cheap land on the new colony. Thus thousands of people moved to Theron hoping for a fresh start. Only to find that the taxes often exceeded the amount of material they produced. The people grew weary and Kallin sympathized with them. For months Kallin had done just as the King had asked, but he was changed when he saw, firsthand, the hardship that the King's taxes were inflicting.

One day the High King sat down and instead of a letter of compliance, the High King received a Deceleration of Independence. There was only a single signature: Kallin Denholm. The King's wrath sent waves of soldiers streaming into the Theron colony, but by this time the colony had well fortified forts and an established army. Also, the people of the Theron colony discovered many small tribes of demi-humans that survived the initial purge. After many altercations, some peaceful, some not, the people of Theron and the native demi-humans became powerful allies. With the help of the demi-human's druidic magic the armies of An-Yneaith were defeated time and time again. The High King eventually decided that the undead threat to the south was a more pressing matter and all troops were pulled from Theron.

Soon after the Theron Revolution the An-Yneaith Kingdom crumbled and faded into the dust of time. Kallin Denholm ruled as King, the people rallied under his banner, his judgment was fair and final. He personally saw to it that the native demi-humans were accepted by society, and they were treated just as any citizen of the kingdom would be.

After years of peace, Kallin died. There was a memorial service where Kallin's son, the new King, named the kingdom after his father: Kallinstrate.


Kallinstrate is a monarchy, ruled by a King, and although the King's wife is called the queen she holds no political power. The King is chosen from the oldest male child from the previous King, for hundreds of years, since the very existence of Kallinstrate, the Denholm family has held the crown. While the King is the ultimate ruler of Kallinstrate, most of the Kingdom is run by an Assembly of Representatives. The Assembly is made up of 70 representatives. The Kingdom of Kallinstrate is divided into 30 courts, each court electing two representatives. The remaining 10 representatives are elected by the king himself.

Within each court there are various townships and local governments that control the day-to-day activities.

Denholm Royal Family

History of the Royal Family

Since Kallinstrate's beginnings the land has been ruled by those of the Denholm family. First Kallin Denholm was the king, he ruled the land in a very typical way for that time period. There was the King, and the King had underlings which were appointed by His Majesty, there was no voting, no democracy. The arrival of Democracy is a fairly recent event, it was marked by the rule of Dheran Denholm (of which the Human capital of Kallinstrate is named after). Dheran was a noble, intelligent man who, unlike his predecessors, did not take part in the many wars throughout the D'hennex land, instead his reign was one of peace, internal growth, and prosperity.

Each of the Denholm Kings selected from the noble families of Kallinstrate, a wife, the country called her their Queen. There are only a few rules for selection of the Queen, she must be beautiful, and she must be of noble blood. The latter being the only strictly enforced requirement. The King was expected to remain faithful to his Queen, and the Queen to him, punishment has been given to those of the Royal Line who have proven unfaithful. While the Queen is considered of the Royal Family, she has no political purpose, she is merely a pretty face that stands next to the powerful King and smiles.

Current Royal Family

Today the land is Ruled by King, Mrot Denholm, his rule has been mediocre, the only notable feature about his rule is the fact that he has twin sons, the first occurrence of this every happening. After giving birth, the queen died, she was a beautiful woman, but unfortunately she lacked willpower and giving birth to twin boys somehow destroyed her body. Because of a childhood ailment the boys were taken away at a young age, and it wasn't until a week later they were officially named. Currently the First Born, the Heir to the throne is unknown. The two sons are Kevin Denholm and Dante Denholm.


Lush, thick forests with exotic flowers and greenery make up most of the land, and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles are common place. There is a single mountain range that runs along the southern coast. This mountain range provides excellent defense against southern invaders. The name Draiken was given to the mountain range by the natives, the name was adopted later on by map officials. Being so close to the equator Kallinstrate is always warm, it rains nearly every other day, mostly just after sunset. The mountains are riddled with ores and minerals, one mountain in particular has an ancient mine that provides precious gems to this very day. Detailed Map World Map


There are approximately 18 million people living in Kallinstrate.

  • 79% Human.(52% Female | 48% Male)
  • 18% Demi-Human.
  • 3% Alien.

Close to 60% of the population can wield ki, although this is a high number 90% of the ki wielding population have a ki pl below 25, and many of them don't have the ability to manifest ki outside of their body. 15% of the population have some knowledge of magic, most of Kallinstrate magic is derived from the druidic magic of the native demi-humans. And while in some parts of the world magic is taboo, in Kallinstrate magic is viewed as something to be respected.


There are hunreds of seperate towns, and cities that dot the landscape of Kallinstrate, mostly the cities tend to be very race oriented, the exception being Kallinholm, the capital city, which is very diverse and contains nearly 10% of the entire population of Kallinstrate. There are two other main cities, Dheran, and Savion.


The major capital city lies comfortably nestled next to the central water way that winds through the entire region. Such close proximity to a waterway allows or Kallinholm to remain within the reaches of the modern world. There are a few sects of people within Kallinholm that have attempted to assimilate modern technologies, but for the most part the only forms of comodities come from the magic that flows freely throughout the entire country. The nation of Kallinstrate is rich in ores and minerals which are mined from the Draiken mountain range. Thousands of pounds of various ores are delivered to Kallnholm daily, most of the industry within Kallinholm comes from the refinement, and working of these various ores.

The Royal Family's main residence is in Kallinholm, they live in what looks like a huge ancient castle. The appearance of the castle has been maintained perfectly throughout the years, and each time invaders break through it's thick walls the Royal Residence is rebuild bigger and better, today it is the largest, and most ascetically majestic building along the Kallinholm skyline. Despite the building's ancient exterior the interior is nothing less than up-to-date with the most powerful magical enchantments and wards. Every luxury available has been purchased for the Denholm family's castle.

The other remarkable building is the huge arena that makes up the center of the city. While many other modern cultures have shunned gladiator style entertainment, Kallinsrate not only allows it, they relish in it! Bloodsport is the most popular form of entertainment for the entire country. Many even go so far as to say the yearly tournament rivals that of the Tenkaichi Budoukai. While there are some international fighters that do battle in the Kallinholm Arena, most of the competition is between regional, local fighters. Most of the time, each town has a select fighter, much like modern day sports teams. Since the start of the Arena, Kallinholm's fighter has been chosen from the royal family. The past five years the Tournament has been won by Kevin Denholm, who is in some ways, in line to be King.

  • 3.8 Million Residents
  • 2.6 Million Human
  • 1.15 Million Demi-Human
  • .05 Million Alien(Other)


Dheran is the central human city of Kallinstrate.

  • 1.5 Million Residents
  • 1.4 Million Human
  • .06 Million Demi-Human
  • .04 Million Alien


Savion was build solidly on the Draiken mountain range, many call it simply, The Mountain City. Much of the city is either built in the massive trees that grow on the Draiken mountain range, or is cut into the mountains themselves. Savion is a Demi-Human city, and the fighter that hails from Savion is usually the biggest competition for the Kallinholm Arena title. Savion is considered by some to be the most diverse and interesting city in all the world. One can walk down the street and see millions of different sorts of creatures, many of which have human traits, but some of the beings that walk the streets of Savioin are nearly completely animal based.

  • 2.6 Million Residents
  • 2.5 Million Demi-Human
  • .04 Million Human
  • .06 Million Alien