Undoing the Godslaying Sword

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Three years after the Second Null, the Earth received a much deserved reprieve after the cataclysms of the past. Power wielders were nonexistent and Cardinal thrived freely. However, it was a peace everyone knew wouldn't last. The world knew better... and the world was right.

Advent of a new Generation

Power wielders began to reclaim their abilities, though everyone seemingly was starting anew. A new generation of powers began to develop, and with them a new breed of heroes was born. Deius Castle of old was gone, but in its place came the Bastion, a Capsule Corporation creation. In this way did the power wielders of this new world receive a chance to be part of a community, as well as the opportunity to explore their newfound or reclaimed powers.

Shadows of the Past

With this new generation of power wielders did come a horror from the past. A man calling himself Isaak Zell plotted the downfall of reality itself. Possessed of extranormal powers from a realm he called the Boundary, Zell began to gather tremendous power in his bid for dominance. Accompanying him and doing his bidding were the God Gears, sentient machines from Alaris, responsible for the Machine Apotheosis. A silent war was waged, as Zell sent his God Gear minions to infiltrate military bases and research centers to obtain the information he needed to enact his plan.

It wasn't until Zell himself walked into Capsule Corporation headquarters and began to slaughter civilians that his true nature was revealed. Zarkand Alistaire's body, possessed of a quasi-existence forged in the Boundary and through the essence of Oujakuma, leered and grinned at the assembled heroes ready to stop him. The assembled power wielders put up a brave battle, but Zell proved to be more powerful than initially realized. Eventually his true purpose was revealed, for the computer virus he had infected the CC database with located the information he sought: the location of Kami's Lookout. Isaak Zell escaped.

Death of a God, Birth of a Godslayer

The pieces were set. Isaak Zell traveled to the Lookout, easily overpowering the Kami and placing him in a cauldron of energies from the Boundary itself. Meanwhile his former creation -- Mother -- staged a nationwide assault against Cardinal itself. Millions upon millions of mechanical monsters called God Gears assaulted the nation, slaughtering one billion civilians. Power wielders flocked to where Mother was, towering over Central Capital, and began to drive her back.

On the Lookout, Zell utilized the raging souls of the dead to continue tempering the Kami's body. At that instant a small group of Earth's most powerful heroes staged a daring assault on the Lookout. A fierce battle raged, during which the madman seemed to be defeated. A mere ruse, for the Kami was suddenly released, until Zell drove his hand through the deity's back. At that moment the tempering process was complete, and the Kami's soul was used to fuse a sword of unbelievable energies for the villain. A sword he called Kusanagi, the Godslayer. Kusanagi, which would destroy the world of lies created by the second null.

With a single swing of the blade, Isaak Zell sent the Lookout crashing to the ground far below, in shambles. He laughed the entire way down.

Desperate Expedition

It was a very grim situation. Isaak Zell had claimed a weapon that instantly put him at the top of the food chain, and none could take him down. The heroes of the world nonetheless attempted to rally, especially when CC's CEO, Derek Eberstark, gathered many of them at the Bastion to propose a daring plan. Utilizing a fusion of Earthen and Shen'Ihr technology, a vessel was crafted to take them to New Namek. For some reason, all portal station and communications to the green-skinned aliens' world had ceased, and the Namekian Dragonballs were Earth's only hope. Many heroes stepped to the call, and eventually the expedition set off.

With Namek within their sights, the heroes were readily informed of why communications and instant transportation were impossible. An armada of golden ships orbited New Namek, laying siege to the planet. Orbital cannons from the planet below responded in kind. A full-scale war between the Namekians and the aliens calling themselves the Aidrazur raged. A war which the heroes saw fit to join.

Many skirmishes ensued between the Aidrazur and the Namekian/Earth alliance. It was soon discovered that the Aidrazur were fighting a desperate war, for their homeworld was under siege by yet another alien race, the Xaran. A ravaging, mindless society bent on assimilating the Aidrazur and all their resources. A race powerful enough to send the otherwise stoic and refined Aidrazur into a desperate frenzy and genocidal war against the Namekians. The battle for the Dragonballs was fierce, but the Xaran eventually won the war... and made it to New Namek itself.

Final Crisis

The remnants of the Aidrazur fleet, including their Executor Elranis, saw fit to rally with the Namekian people and Earth's heroes. A fierce battle rages, one which was eventually won. The Namekian Guru saw fit to grant the Dragonballs to Earth's heroes, who immediately used the three wishes to undo Isaak Zell's Kusanagi, to undo the damage done to the Namekians' homeworld, and to transport the heroes back to Earth.

It was time to pay Zell back for his crimes.

Without his Godslaying Sword, Isaak Zell was suddenly assaulted by a large collection of power wielders. The titanic battle that ensued was eventually won, and a being calling itself a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device suddenly summoned a gigantic sword from a place out of our reality itself, cleaving through Isaak Zell, erasing his existence forever. Not even his basest atoms remained. Finally, the mastermind behind so much grief for planet Earth was destroyed. Finally, the crisis was over.