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This is the story-based description of Transhumans. For the official rules on Transhuman characters, go to here.

Transhumans are what generally comes about when you merge a Human with an Artificial Intelligence from such a young age that it is difficult to tell their psyches apart -- when the merging is complete, a Transhuman is born. As such, the Artificial Intelligence that is installed is generally just as new to the world as the human, as pre-loading it with knowledge would make the complete merging difficult.

Where They Come From

As Transhumans are made, not born, they must come from somewhere. Primarily, they are created by highly inventive (and some would say, morally bankrupt) people with resources to burn -- the process is neither inexpensive nor quick. Empirical Industries is capable of creating Transhumans, although this is obviously not common knowledge, not even within the company itself. Theoretically, a Transhuman could even be created by non-technical means, by, for example, binding a spirit of pure thought into a child -- but as always, magic is far less reliable and predictable than science, so this would have uncertain results.

What They Can Do

As humans merged with strong AI, Transhumans are capable of vast feats of mental capability, much like an AI, and are far more capable than the average human at sustaining multiple tasks and thoughts at once. Just as with humans (and AIs as well), however, much of their capability is latent, and what they come to be capable of is dependent on their training and experiences in life. Being a Transhuman guarantees excellence no more than being born to a person of excellence does -- there are definite advantages, but no guarantees.

How They Are Received

The vast majority of people are unaware of the existance of Transhumans. For that matter, many people are unaware of the existence of strong AI -- having either never encountered it, or believing it to simply be a matter of a truly complex computer program that is, in the end, merely a program.

How they are received by those who know or learn of them, however, depends largely on how that person or culture regards high technology. Obviously, in D'hennex, the concept of a man merged with a machine would be anathemical amongst the technophobes of the Southern Continent, whereas, in most Empirical facilities, they wouldn't get a second glance, so everyday are the miracles of post-modern science.

Known Specimens

Known Transhumans include: Demetrius Abelard.

OOC Information

Transhumans are an approved minor race owned by Hroefn.