The Unacknowledged Heir

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It had been a time of peace, though as these things often go it did not last. Aruka was slain, and it seemed like none cared about his murder. Lord Frieza had fled to the stars, and was no longer Earth’s problem. The Dragon Balls remained in the hands of various heroes of Earth, and one of the villains, as they had not been used after the last fight.

The Death of Frieza

While Earth was at a time of peace, things on New Vegeta were not the same. Lord Frieza was out in the galaxy gaining power uncontested. The King of All Saiyans knew that he would eventually strike at New Vegeta, simply because it’s existence was a black mark on his record. He had destroyed them, and they had recovered. It was something that a monster like Frieza would not allow. During this time, the fact that Earth had seemingly ignored Frieza’s existence, and bitterness towards the Earthlings who had allowed him to leave started to ferment in the Saiyans.

It all seemed to end when the Banished Princess Renzu strode into her father’s throne room, and threw the head of Frieza at his feet. She did not challenge him immediately as the King expected, but only asked for her birthright. She had been banished due to weakness, and had proven that a mistake. Her request was granted, and for a time all seemed well.

The Assassination of the King

With the Princess Renzu at the helm of New Vegeta’s armies, they grew in power. Her training focused their skill, and once more the Saiyans looked to become a galactic power. With events in the past on New Namek and Earth, the Saiyans’ increased strength could only be seen as a good thing for when the next threat arrived.

Unfortunately this was not to be, as the King of All Saiyans was soon slain in his very halls. The assassin appeared to be the Hero of Cardinal, Onikara Shinto, who fled back to Earth immediately afterward. The fires of War were stoked, and the fury of the Saiyan host followed after him.

A Loss of Unity

The Saiyans arrived in orbit, demanding that Shinto be delivered to them for trial, and that the current Prince of All Saiyans who was on Earth be returned to them in good health. The response to these demands were for the Compass Guard’s flagship, the Unity, to fire upon the Saiyans’ ship. This started a full on space battle. While the focus of most of Earth’s defenders were upon defending and re-taking the Unity, and the fleet of the Magitech Corporation engaged the Saiyan flagship, the Saiyans themselves struck out at the rest of Earth’s fleet. A vast majority of it was taken or destroyed, and the heavily damaged Unity and loyalist forces were forced to abandon the Earth, or be destroyed.

The War for Cardinal

Earth was blockaded. The Saiyans had destroyed the Portal network, and their ships prevented any others from leaving or approaching Earth. The Compass Guard was their targets, and while large amounts of equipment was destroyed, the Saiyans seemed loathe to kill. Certainly those who stood against them in battle risked their lives, and they did not hold back against them, but often times the Saiyans would simply allow those who were mortal to flee the cities and towns before what was left was destroyed. It was war, but it was not the rampant destruction that Earth was used to in these battles. During this time, all contact with D’hennex was lost, as well.

The Prince of All Saiyans, Daizo, confronted his sister. He attempted to reason with her, and convince her of the folly of her path. In the end, he attempted to fight her, and while he ascended to become a Super Saiyan, she was too much for him, and he was defeated. Renzu declared herself Queen shortly after.

The Destruction of East City

The war was not going well for Cardinal, when the Patron of the Beast Court interrupted an assault on East City. This was the turning point in the war, in more ways than one. While Renzu met the Patron in single combat, the power both of them were able to bring was immense and soon the very city itself was destroyed. Fortunately after it was mostly evacuated.

The fight between the two was fierce, though Renzu stood triumphant at the end of it. The Patron had a trick up his sleeve, however, and had taken her measure and knew how to defeat her now. That he would die in the process mattered not to him, as it would not be the first time he had made such a sacrifice.

It was all for naught, however, as in her weakened state after such a fight, Renzu was betrayed by one of her generals. Uragirimono, the general she would have called her most loyal before this, had decided her restrictions had prolonged this battle further than necessary. As well, he had recently discovered new powers, and was looking forward to using them. A strike in the back, and an unmarked grave was to be her resting place, but she was saved by the Court. Her power was broken, however, and Uragirimono’s grew to beyond what hers had been.

The Battle of Cardinal

With East City destroyed, the focus of the Saiyans turned to West, North, and South. The traitor general announced to the world that the Earthlings had assassinated their Queen. He dispatched fleets to the other cities, and while Central was blockaded, the armies of the Saiyans marched upon West, North, and South.

While the heroes of Earth fought a desperate battle to defend these cities, Uragirimono himself led an attack on the Arcaneum to strike down Earth’s greatest champions. Jalynne Jones and Cassandra Litvyak both stood against him, but in the end both lay broken before him, their powers stolen, their strength gone.

While the heroes of Earth desperately staved off the destruction of West City, the Shen’Ihr sent a fleet to strike at the blockading Saiyans. Aiding them was the Magitech Corporation. Between the two fleets, the Saiyan armada was trapped, and the blockade broken.

With West, North, and South saved, though not without the loss of the Matron of the Beast Court, the world took a breath before the endgame of the war. The Queen herself was restored to health, and had prevented a great loss of life in West with her return to the field. She immediately ordered her armies to break off the attack, and while many of them did, there was still a large portion of the Saiyan forces who owed their loyalty to Uragirimono.

The Saisho no Katou

The world was thrown into turmoil with the attack on Central City. The very heart of Cardinal was being struck at, and the Compass Guard’s forces were broken. The Grand Cardinal had called for a draft, however it had yet to bear fruit, and the numbers that the government could bring to bear were tiny. Once more it was up to the heroes of Earth to save the day. With the Patron of the Beast Court vanishing after the events in the days previous, it was left to others to try and take out the traitor general. Akira, having forged the First Flame anew took it into battle.

Fighting their way through Central City, the heroes arrived at the Aedificium Compassare, and discovering that there was only a wounded Compass Guardswoman between Uragirimono and the Directional Council. Akira dragged Uragirimono to the ruins of East City, while the others attempted to get the Directional Council and the Grand Cardinal out. While they were doing so, the Unity returned, bringing with it reinforcements from New Namek.

In the ruins of East, Akira and Uragirimono did battle, with the traitor general striking out with his ultimate attack to drain away the very strength of Akira and add it to his own. With the power that the Court’s blacksmith could bring to the fight, this likely would have resulted in Uragirimono becoming undefeatable.

Renzu appeared at the last moment, and took the hit for Akira, who drew the Saisho no Katou, and sacrificing himself, slew Uragirimono with a single massive strike, carving a 10 mile wide river into the place where East City once was, and leaving the sword in the rocks of East for the next Patron of the Beast Court to be called by drawing it forth.

In Central, the defenders were surrounded, only for the Order of the Compass to arrive upon Deius Castle, and turn the tide of the battle. The Saiyans were routed, their armies dispersed or fled back to New Vegeta. The Queen’s power was broken, and not even dust remained of Uragirimono. Victory had been achieved, but at a great cost.

The Aftermath

With the armies of the Saiyans dispersed, and victory at hand, those who held the Dragon Balls were gathered together. Either through altruism or coercion the Dragon Balls were brought together, and utilized to wish back the lives of Earth that had been lost in this conflict. East City would be rebuilt, though the landscape was permanently changed by Akira’s final blow.