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The term "Lost Android" is something of a misnomer, given by those who discovered the inactive shells of these powerful constructions. Officially known as "Living Androids" during the height of the Lost's civilization, they were a terrible force to be reckoned with.


The "Lost" - so called because their civilization fell so long ago that no race currently travelling the stars can recall their real name - were a peaceful, pacifistic society that flourished over one million years ago in the eastern and southern parts of our galaxy. Although few in number, the Lost were long-lived and incredibly intelligent. They valued life and individual achievement highly, and when a Lost died, it was cause for great sadness.

Eventually, as the Lost's numbers began to slowly decline, they turned their incredible technological knowledge to the creation of artificial immortality. Many methods were devised and attempted; at first, the physical brain and upper spinal column of a dying subject was surgically removed and placed in a robotic housing, supplied with the necessary fluids to keep it alive and functioning. While resonably successful in this, it was deemed only a temporary solution. An organic brain still had a finite lifespan, and the subject would still eventually die.

Their crowning achievement was the creation of a device known as the Soulsphere. Essentially an advanced energy storage device, the soulsphere could contain the entirety of a living consciousness, effectively immortalizing a subject. Although enticing to some, the Lost considered this course only as a last resort. Soulspheres were still difficult to craft, and the transfer process dangerous. Eventually, though, advancements were made. Soulsphere crafting techniques were refined, revolutionized, and refined again. The transfer process was made safer and more complete, allowing for a subject's entire lifetime memory to be retained. Genetic sampling was integrated into the sphere's construction, allowing some subjects to retain their original organic appearance, with certain compatible shells.

With all these advancements came the realization that the Soul itself was a near-limitless source of power. When war finally came to the Lost, they turned their techno-wizardry to exploiting this incredible energy.


Common Elements

Even with all their varied differences, all Living Androids share certain core, universal components and systems. 99% of them are humanoid in shape, and possess a reinforced alloy endoskeleton composed of a metallic substance receptive to ki energy. A internal computer system manages the interfacing between the Android's soulsphere and the rest of the body, providing power transfer and managing all the myriad small tasks associated with maintaining the body. An Android can override their internal computer with a bit of concentration and directed thought.

Retained within the computers of all Androids is a full repair schematic of their body, referenced by the Autonomic Nanorepair systems. Billions of nanomachines are stored within each android body, and these machines are designed to utilize any material on hand to repair to their host - being molecule-scale machines, smaller than organic cells, the nanites can simply rearrange whatever matter thay have available on an atomic scale into whatever form is needed.

Body Types

The Lost created a number of different android body styles once they realized that war was inevitable. Each body type was suited to a particular combat role - infantry, ranged support, field medicine, artillery, and a number of others. Individuals were permitted a great deal of freedom in choosing their preferred body-type, and switching from one type to another was not uncommon.


Because of the unique nature of the repair system, the android's internal computer is constantly communicating with the nanomachine stores, referencing the repair schematic every few seconds; any discrepancies between the current state of the body and the schematic are corrected immediately. The nature of this repair system lent itself to easy customization. The individual in control of the body needed only to create an upgrade or alteration that they desired, merge it with the current repair schematic, and let their repair systems make the changes (provided enough raw material was on hand).

A failsafe backup of the basic body schematic is also contained in a partitioned section of the internal computer - just in case the primary schematic is corrupted, or the individual screws up with an alteration and causes more damage than good.

It should be noted that intrepid roboticists who try tinkering with an active Living Android will meet with failure almost every time. Any attempts to "chop-shop" an android body will be fought by the repair systems, consuming tools and work surfaces to restore the body to its original form. Only by removing the Soulsphere and internal computer can a body be altered freely - but at that point it's little more than an unpowered husk, utterly useless to anyone who doesn't know the Lost's technology inside and out (and individuals with such knowledge, if they do indeed exist, aren't sharing).

Lost Androids Today

Only four true Living Androids are known to exist presently. They are Commander-Admiral Trance, of ARCHIE III; F. James Specht, former commander of the station; Ruby Valamater, ARCHIE's medical chief of staff, and Kunstig Sinn, a soldier only recently arrived on the station. There is also a fifth functioning android shell, currently possessed by Cazyn Ravi. Arguably, Cazyn is one of the most powerful beings currently on the planet, directly beneath the likes of James Kaider, Alothin and Atyhtan Ator.

During the ancient war fought by the Lost, the majority of their Living Androids were captured by the Enemy. The soulspheres were corrupted or tainted by powerful rituals and used as foci and power sources to strengthen the demonic ranks. It is unknown if any of these soulspheres are recoverable, or if they even still exist.

OOC Information

The Lost Androids are administered by Kamin. Presently, he is not accepting sumbissions for new androids.

Racial Template

Lost Androids have the following specs, abilities and stat percentages:

  • Strength: 30%
  • Speed: 50%
  • Detection: 100% (eyesight/radar, can detect ki, manifest psi and magic)
  • Stamina: 400%
  • Durability: 150% in external armor, 100% in internal frame.

  • No epiphany potential.
  • No hospital benefits. Incap cannot be caused to heal any faster than one day at a time.
  • Nano-based repair system reduces all incap amounts by 66%.
  • No gimme ki aura explosion.
  • Immune to organic healing effects, such as healing spells and senzu beans.
  • All magical effects (beneficial and malicious) are 10% more effective against the android.
  • Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Pulse effects when external armor is depleted.
  • When Frame durability reaches 50% of maximum, total powerlevel is reduced to 75%. When Frame durability drops to 25%, total powerlevel is reduced to 25%. This reflects the android's dependance on physical structure and components to manage power.
  • Laser-enhanced Optics: permits the android to launch ki attacks through the eyes. Also allows the android to target a foe for a post, and have their next projectile function as if 25% faster than it really is. This "laser lock" can also be used as a homing tracer for specifically labeled techs.
  • Multiple-Optic vision: Living Androids can "see" in a wide range of electromagnetic spectra. Thermal, Ultraviolet, Infra-red and limited X-ray.
  • Radar system capable of tracking major/minor energy sources and mortal-level physical bodies.
  • 360-degree rotating joints
  • Power system generates one autocharge (base 10% kiPL) for any tech or other attack, once every 5 posts.