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Draconians: What are they?

Draconians are a race of beings that descend from the once unheard of bonding between humans and dragons. Draconians are human-looking in appearance, but also have the innate ability to use their draconic heritage in their favor. Their draconic heritage manifests itself in the ability to utilize one particular element, and to be able to transform their bodies in specific ways. Though they cannot become fully draconic until some higher stage is complete, their body and mind must be prepared for such a state. As such, there are different stages that a Draconian must go through to get them prepared for such a transformation.

The Draconians have a few natural abilities to them. They have an aptitude for swordwork, and the above-mentioned natural link to a single element. Each element comes with its own benefits as well as drawbacks.

Draconians and the Elements

Dragons in their natural state were always attuned to a single element. On rare occasions, some were attuned to more than one, but only one Draconian has actually been able to master all seven elements that Draconians can use. This Draconian was simply titled the Ultimecia Draconia, or Ultimate Dragon by his peers. He also took on the title of Ancient Draconian, some years later, once the race of Draconians had all but died out due to their sun going nova.

Elemental Correspondence

Each Draconian tends to have a predominant colouration. This typically appears in their hair, their eyes, and quite often in their choice of clothing. This colour corresponds with the element they can become attuned to, and they are referred to by it. Red Draconians are attuned to the element of Fire, Blue to Water, White to Ice, Yellow to Lightning, Black to Shadow/Darkness, Brown to Earth, and Green to Wind.

Draconians can be any of the four types of power-wielders, or a combination thereof, regardless of colouration or elemental affiliation.

Draconian History

For a little insight on the history of the Draconians as told by the Ancient, go to the Draconian History.

A Summary

Draconians are not exactly a direct descendent of Dragons as one would think. The race was created in a last-ditch effort by dragons to continue their own race. Not the Dragons from the lore of the Dragonballs, but a different space-dwelling sect of dragons. These Dragons originally encountered the Earth in their search to find a new home after their original planet of Ryuvina had lost it's ability to support life. On this trip, different dragons from the different elemental groups went their own way once they reached Earth... and stayed a while. Some had mated with humans once the races had begun to die out, but with the sudden wars going on between humans and others, the dragons and their chosen mates left to colonize a new Ryuvina.

Though they were all on one "planet" so to speak, the different elemental types decided to live off on their own, and so on with those of their own 'breed'. Every now and then a draconian or two would leave the planet to venture out on their own.