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This is the story-based description for the Data Interface race. For their official character rules, go here.

A Data Interface is nothing more than an artificial human, created by the enigmatic being known as the Integral Thought Entity, to study the manifold races of the universe.


Eons past, an alien race known as the Lecnaat towered over their peers when it came to evolutionary advancement. Living in a stable enough star system, which offered them several mediums through which their civilization and race could thrive, the Lecnaat prospered by leaps and bounds. Rather than focusing on galactic conquest, the Lecnaat merely wished for their civilization to advance with no end in sight, thus they took whatever means necessary to hasten and enhance their evolutionary growth.

Through the span of years, the Lecnaat's autoevolution advanced. Until, finally, they hit a figurative wall. In the end, the perfect existence that they sought was achieved... and yet the Lecnaat found it wanting. Reaching the end of their evolutionary road only read to a sort of insatiable greed, thus the decision was made to launch and carry out a bold project which would change the entire Lecnaat civilization forever.

Using their incomprehensibly advanced technology and powers, the Lecnaat launched a massively system-wide instrumentality project, which would essentially break down every individual of their race into raw universal data, and merge them all together into a sort of all-powerful data overmind. This overmind, which called itself the Integral Thought Entity, found that its abilities were unlimited, and it gathered information from the infinite sea of data we call reality at an extremely rapid pace. Thus, the Lecnaat broke through their evolutionary stagnation, and once more hastened their autoevolution by leaps and bounds.

The Integral Thought Entity project had served its purpose well.

Second Null

While the Integral Thought Entity did not play a part in the Second Null, it was made aware of its happenings once it occurred. Due to Zarkand Alistaire's tampering, the Second Null changed universal data permanently, something which the data overmind could naturally sense. Once reality was altered, however, the Entity was made aware of a shocking fact...

Its autoevolution, which had been advancing at its rapid pace since the Integral Thought Entity had been created, suddenly halted. The Thought Entity could only surmise that once the Second Null had happened, its reach had stretched through the vast sea of data, until it reached the Entity itself. Proven wrong, in that the Entity thought its autoevolution would never halt, the altering of reality could not allow the Integral Thought Entity to evolve any further. Such a travesty went in sharp contrast with everything the Entity had been created for. For the first time in its eons-long existence, the Entity balked. However, given its ridiculously advanced evolutionary state, it created a solution.

Data Interfaces

Scanning the sea of data around it, the Integral Thought Entity caught wind of a myriad of races whom hadn't reached the peak of their evolutionary road. Upon studying their racial data, the overmind sought those whose potential for evolution was the highest. With that same studied data, the Entity could create its own Data Interfaces, artificial constructs tailored after the very races they were meant to study. Indistinguishable from the originals save for their skill in data manipulation, these Data Interfaces were dispatched to their respective test sites, meant to study and take part in their road for autoevolution.

Interfaces are created with the ability to manipulate the raw data around them, which translates to arcane and magical abilities that can alter reality. Data manipulation is their one means of defense against whatever dangers lurk in their respective test sites, while also being a sign to identify them with. Aside from this manipulative skill, Interfaces are mostly indistinguishable from the races they are modeled after. ...Save, perhaps, for some odd personality quirks.

Strewn across the universe, Data Interfaces collect information on their respective races, which they thus relay to the Integral Thought Entity on a regular basis. They follow the will of the data overmind, and yet are also created with wills of their own, a natural and necessary factor in the Entity's experiments. It is the driving will of the Thought Entity which dictates their actions, which are to study and observe, to take part in the daily life of the races they are modeled after, relaying any and all data back to their creators. However, a small fraction do turn rogue, which can elicit a response from the Thought Entity itself, if not other Interfaces.