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Snackycakes, better known as Deeze, Dev, and a host of embarrassing, annoying nicknames typically punctuated with the :3 emoticon, is a role-player and minor setting manager in Alternate Dragonball Z. He is widely regarded as a pompous ass, having earned the reputation for his aggressive zero-tolerance policy regarding everyone's BS but his own, and while he commands a deceptively-thorough understanding of the English language and often uses large words to make himself appear bigger (a curious self-defense mechanism akin to the basilisk lizard flaring its neck ridges), he has also been known to display an alarming lack of foresight on a semi-regular basis and when cornered will admit that he is, in fact, quite stupid.

This user is perhaps best known for his leanings towards female characters. Any male characters he does play are all but guaranteed to be disturbingly androgynous, and oftentimes his own sexuality is called into question (some suspect his recent engagement to a supposedly female chatter to, in fact, simply be a cover-up).

Though his personality can be disarming, Snackycakes should under no circumstances ever be trusted. Some even consider him a skilled artisan, molding words in his hands like a potter molds clay, but this too is simply a thin coat of sugary glaze over the mouthful of broken glass and salt that is his role-play; enter a scene with him and his fierce competitive streak will make you regret it for the rest of your tenure in Alt DBZ. By commanding a host of the most powerful, well-connected, or simply downright broken characters in the room, Snackycakes has taken a melon-baller to the heart of Alt, coring out his niche, never to be forgotten despite the room's best efforts.

Officially, Snackycakes is charged with the following responsibilities:

Setting Manger, New Vegeta.

He currently actively plays the following characters:

Alida Blandine
James Kaider
Johnny Gnash
Kojika Ryokuchuuseki
Ledah Croix
Olivia Verlaine
Ooki Attoutekitasuu

Despite being relatively new, boasting a meager 3 years of RP experience, Snackycakes' inability to focus on what characters he has has resulted in a character list that is (sans hyperbole) over fifty names long. Many of these characters have only seen RP once or twice, if at all. This has not discouraged him from continuing to pump out new characters on an almost regular basis, of course.

Snackycakes is also responsible for the Schule vom Gemut, which is presently very poorly-defined and in need of a major overhaul. If you expect this to be done anytime soon, you obviously skipped right to this part of the user page without reading anything that precedes this paragraph.

For more information about Snackycakes, be sure to visit Alt, though direct interaction is not advisable. Should you choose to disregard that advice, it is best not to make direct eye contact, any gestures that could be perceived as threatening, or to smell of fear.