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Hey there! Most folks on IMC know me as 'Pamela'.

I'm room support in Alternate DBZ, providing assistance and ideas and widgits for New Namek. Also, I lurk a lot, especially in the daytime on weekdays. I've been in the room for what feels like forever. Where's my cane, you young whippersnappers?!


I've been known to play the occasional online game. Ahahaha. Yes. Sunlight? What's that? ...But yes! If you'd like to play one of the following with me, give me a poke.

  • World of Warcraft (Tichondrius, Thorium Brotherhood servers)
  • City of Heroes/Villains (Virtue server)
  • Final Fantasy XI (Gilgamesh server)
  • Gunbound
  • Trickster Online

For more from me, you can always pop over to my Livejournal.