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The Schmidt Dojo is located deep in the wilderness, approximately halfway between and somewhat north of West City and Central Capital. The grounds themselves are cleared, but are surrounded by a forest filled with all manner of wildlife. Nearby are a few large lakes, and a major river flows from northeast to southwest, approximately a mile west of the dojo grounds at its nearest point.


The building itself is more residence than training hall, though there is an expansive basement with several rooms that can be used as sparring rooms or classrooms when required. Most often, training is held outside, only moving indoors if the weather is too foul to fight comfortably outdoors. There are a few vast rooms with multiple bunks on the ground floor. Students wishing to live at the dojo during their training will be assigned a bunk, and will have to pull their weight in household chores. Outside the dojo, on the grounds, is a very large, low, circular pit approximately six feet deep by one hundred feet in diameter. This is the sparring ring. Around the outer edge of the pit is a trench which is usually filled with firewood. The wood in the trench can be lit for either warmth during winter spars, or as an additional challenge to add to a fight.

The dojo does have electricity and running water, provided by means of a quiet, well-hidden generator and a well. It has a well-stocked kitchen area with modern appliances, big enough to feed and store food for several dozen people (or about two dozen Saiyans). The kitchen is stocked with normal food brought in from the city periodically, as well as what's brought in from hunting trips, usually led by Nashi herself. On the edge of the grounds, in front of the building and nearer the forest, is a small campsite with an approximately three-foot firepit, a perpetually replenished stack of firewood, and several large boulders of about the right size and height for sitting upon. At the opposite corner of the grounds is a small tin shed housing Ookami's forge.


Construction of the dojo began in early 2005 when William Schmidt decided to build a dojo where he could teach up-and-coming fighters both his methods of combat and the Order philosophy he had learned as a student of Alothin. Many of Cardinal's young fighters of the day participated in its construction, as well as a wandering Saiyan named Nashi Yamashima. Nashi came in time to return to the dojo at the end of her travels, and considered Will's dojo her home.

Although primary construction of the expansive log structure was completed in the fall of 2005, the war against the Shen'Ihr Chorus, the other ongoing events of the Etiquette of Reform era, and Nashi's unexpected pregnancy delayed the start of any actual teaching for several months. In January of 2006, just in time for Nashi to pitch in and play a heavy role in the final defense of ARCHIE III, Sarah June Schmidt was born within the confines of the dojo.

For three years, the dojo remained above all else the home of the small Schmidt family - Will, Nashi, and their daughter Sarah all resided there on a permanent basis. Many other friends, members of the family, and students were in and out on a regular basis, making the dojo one of the prime centers of activity among the Saiyan and half-Saiyan warriors of Cardinal. While Will still had not begun actively teaching, Nashi had, dispensing her brutal, no-nonsense style of education to family, friends, and students alike.

There were many things available at the dojo beside just training and fighting, however. Nashi's brother, Ookami, maintained a forge on the dojo grounds, and provided students and residents of the dojo with simple mortal weaponry at no cost. He was known to occasionally sell custom, more difficult to forge pieces, but those were negotiated on an indiidual basis. As well, the dojo had on-call medical assistance, in the form of healer Reiko Niyama, who could be summoned at will and would teleport to the dojo to imediately heal any party who was injured beyond their capacity to tend to themselves. However, the dojo population in general tended to frown upon anyone summoning the healer for any pure-bred Saiyan who had specifically declined healing.

As it was Will who conceived of the dojo, and Nashi who assisted most in its construction before finally settling there as Will's wife-to-be and mother of his child, the two were considered the final and ultimate authority on all matters involving the dojo. Major decisions were simply not made without obtaining input from at least one of them, and preferably both. As the two were also two of the strongest fighters in all of Cardinal, the dojo also lacked any embedded defensive systems or technology.

The Dojo Today

An unfortunate tragedy has recently fallen upon the Schmidt dojo. A nameless individual with unknown intentions managed to somehow manipulate Nashi's mind, causing her to wildly attack William after returning home from an undisclosed location. After a brief battle that ended with the strange intruder missing and Nashi left in a coma, William carried her to a hospital and took their daughter to the home of friend and super-power Jade Boskonovich.

Currently, it is unknown if William has plans to rebuild the dojo, or if so, when the reconstruction process will begin.

Residents and Students

William Schmidt
Nashi Yamashima - (Nashi's Teaching Regimen)
Sarah June Schmidt
Ookami Yamashima *Not a permanent resident, but frequently found at the dojo. Also a student.

Aaron DeLerouge
Altar Raines
Constance Ina Kaider
Hitomi Owaarii
Tamanegi Niyama *Considered the dojo's star student: in addition to being most powerful, he placed third in the Middleweight division of the 2006 Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Vanyal Torant