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Full Name: Pericles
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Birthplace: An Empirical Industries facility.
Status: Active
Faction: Power Wielder
Initial Approval Date: November 19, 2007
Reapproval Date: March 30, 2012


Pericles is a distributed mind. It is primarily located on five geosynchronous satellites in orbit of the Earth, but also has a significant number of smaller supporting platforms mounting various subsystems.

When communicating, Pericles utilizes plural personal pronouns to emphasize its distributed state. Some take this as an arrogant assumption of superiority. Pericles regards such a conclusion as fallacious, deeming it instead to be a calculated knowledge of superiority, in most cases.

Pericles has been mirrored, and its facilities now orbit the planet Safehouse as well as Earth.

Powers and Resources

As a space-based entity, Pericles provides two primary benefits to its allies. First, with its global overwatch, it provides intelligence. Second, with its weapons platforms, it provides orbital artillery as supporting fire.

It also provides a number of other benefits, such as housing a robotic infantry contingent that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the globe, and teleportational matrices that can rescue or redeploy Empirical human assets, but these are less commonly taken advantage of.

As the chief artificial intelligence of Empirical Industries on Earth, many of the company's installations and devices tie into Pericles' global network and power.


Before the Second Null

One of Empirical's finest works, Pericles served EI with distinction in watching over Earth. It rapidly grew in power, thanks to its vampiric Siege, and squads of its Myrmidon robots could be found all over the world, crushing villainous beings amidst thunderous strikes of Oratory, Pericles' orbital artillery.

None of these sufficed to hold back the unspeakable tide of the Null, however, and Pericles was swept away with the rest of reality, only to be rewritten.

The Third Earth

With the re-creation of Earth, Pericles as well has been reforged anew, but with some subtle differences. While it retains the same personality, Pericles is, if anything, more prevalent. Lahocula, the AI that previously served as Alothin's right-hand and chief artificial intelligence of Empirical Industries, physically based out of EIS-4, is no longer anywhere to be found. Pericles, however, has stepped up to the plate, and is now essentially the AI governor of all things Empirical in the near-Earth region.