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Name: Cyberbrain
Type: Racial Overlay
Bias: Same as Base Race
Gain: Same as Base Race
Power Types: Any

Persons who option into cyberbrain technology are given a cybernetic body. This body acts like a typical body of the race requested. Full sensory development via advanced processing. These bodies are covered in a synthetic skin that looks and feels exactly like organic tissue. The skeleton, and organs are comprised of advanced alloys. This body acts just the same as any living body only it does not degrade at the normal rate of living organs.

Major Advantages


Minor Advantages

Malleable Form: A cyberbrain is a process in which the living brain tissue is fused with nano-machines, and a few other computer components. This brain can be transposed into cybernetic bodies, or anything able to connect to a cyberbrain.

Immortal: People with cyberbrains are relatively immortal baring their brains living tissue does not degrade or form complications. As such the common cyberbrain needs to be checked once every 10-15 years. If complications were to occur the data from a cyberbrain may be uploaded into another cyberbrain.

Always Online: A person with a cyberbrain has the ability to access wireless networks. They see the net through their eyes and can interact with thought. This also allows them to speak with other cyberbrains as a sort of telepathy.

Major Disadvantages


Minor Disadvantages

Hacked Mind: While a cyberbrain allows a user to connect to networks this also means people could connect to and hack a cyberbrain. A cyberbrain has security features which typically block hacking, but if someone were to break through these features they could change memories, add memories, erase memories, cause sensory issues, and all sorts of malicious things.

Specialized Recovery: A cyberbrain is a specialized form of technology. A cyberbrain is not able to be placed inside a normal living body. The problem becomes that most hospitals are not equipped to deal with cyberbrain related injuries, or complications. A person with a cyberbrain does not receive any increased recovery rate from hospitalization.

created by Dashizer