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Alt Parties are great, festive, IRL events that occur with a gathering of Alternate DBZ players from near or far. While they have yet to achieve a yearly schedule, each party has managed to outdo the one before it, with more people attending and promising to come again in future events with every iteration.


An Alt Party, regardless of its length or size, typically occurs in California (usually in the South, around Los Angeles) and consists of two events -- a visit to GameWorks, and a convention at Icebreed's place. This has not always been the rule for every single Alt Party, nor has it been the entirety of events for every party, but it has occurred commonly enough to be considered the tradition of the Alt Party.


Commonly, the first place that all of a Party's participants meet up at is GameWorks, located in the Ontario Mills mall. Filled to the brim with all kinds of arcade games, new and old, and complete with a bar for mature Alters, Alt Party revellers often spend hours here.

The highlight of the GameWorks visit is often playing the Dance Dance Revolution game.

Icebreed's Place

After exhausting themselves at GameWorks, and optionally seeing a movie at a local theater, the Alt Party gangs usually head to Icebreed's house in Norco. There, movies are watched, more video games are played (typically including at least one game of Super Smash Brothers) and much conversation is had. After times grow short, the party usually disbands, though larger parties with guests from afar may stretch well beyond a single day.

Record of Alt Parties

Alt Party I

This was the first official Alt Party. While it consisted almost entirely of local players, it managed to cement a lasting friendship between many of them. The entire party was hosted in Joell's (formerly known as Tie-My-Shoes) garage. A GameWorks tradition had not yet been established, but a lot of Super Smash Brothers was played.

Unknown (2000?)
Tie-My-Shoes (Joell), Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), The Loser Mun (Joey), Rythor Dark (Kevin), Brad


Alt Party II

The second Alt Party established the traditions of GameWorks and going to Icebreed's house. However, everyone neglected to bring a camera, so no media of the event was retained.

Unknown (2001?)
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Rythor Dark (Kevin), Nemesis_Ora (Nat), Max (Nat's brother, non-Alter), Max's girlfriend (non-Alter)

No media available.

Alt Party III: Norcal

Somewhere along the line, several Northern California Alters decided that they wanted to attend an Alt Party, but because of various reasons, they couldn't make it down to Southern California, where most of the parties are held. So, they had their own, instead. While lacking many of the usual attendees of Alt Parties, their party was no pushover. Details on the event are currently limited, however.

Ducky, Tetsu, Prime, Allen, Nemesis_Ora (Nat)


Alt Party IV

The fourth party was much like the second, but this time, we were honored by the attendance of North Californian, Ducky! The party did not go to Icebreed's house, this time around.

January 2002?
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Rythor Dark (Kevin), The Loser Mun (Joey), Nemesis_Ora (Nat), Max (Nat's brother, non-Alter), Ducky_Dumblen


Alt Party V

The fifth party was a grand upscaling, as we were blessed with Pamela's attendance from eastern Canada, as well as the twins from up the coast -- Uncanny Danny and Hiro Brinstar!

Pamela and Icebreed also later toured the Disneyland theme park, on their own.

August 2004
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Uncanny Danny, Hiro Brinstar, Rythor Dark (Kevin), Nemesis_Ora (Nat), Pamela


Alt Party VI

In this Alt Party, we really outdid ourselves. While still upholding tradition, we managed to extend the party over several days, and we were able to secure the attendance of such far-flung Alters as Kamin from western Canada, Lana from Colorado, and Vixtar Firefly from Fresno! Uncanny Danny was also able to make a return appearance.

Since we had several different gatherings over the days consisting of different people, the attendance list shows anyone who came to any of the gatherings.

July 2006
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Uncanny Danny, Kamin, Lana, Vixtar Firefly, Rythor Dark (Kevin), The Loser Mun (Joey), noughtymonki (Devilin), Danielle (Kyle's girlfriend, non-Alter), Candice (Kevin's girlfriend, non-Alter)

Movies (DivX-enabled player required)
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Alt Party '07

Settling into a yearly tradition, our 2007 party was just as huge as the previous year's convention, and it lasted twice as long! Randy, from Ohio, was able to make it this year, and Pamela made a second appearance.

Whereas previous Alt Parties had lasted between one and six days, this year's party lasted a whopping ten days, though most participants returned home after the standard six. During the extra days, however, Pamela, Kamin, and Icebreed made adventures to Disneyland and the Calico Ghost Town, and hung out with Kyle and friends at Chelsey's place!

July 2007
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Uncanny Danny, Kamin, Vixtar Firefly, Pamela, Randy, Rythor Dark (Kevin), Bradig Sorleagh (Ryan), noughtymonki (Devilin), Chelsey (Ryan's girlfriend, non-Alter), Candice (Kevin's girlfriend, non-Alter)

Alt Party '08

2008's party was, at least in part, a failure. Only one person came from out of town; all other guests were local. Dev, Deza, and Rory were going to come -- Rory was going to come secretly! -- but circumstances prevented it. As a result, there simply wasn't enough interest or need to go anywhere or do anything, including Disneyland and Gameworks, aside from visiting Kyle's house and playing videogames. We didn't even capture any media of the event.

The failure of the event was largely blamed on the plunging economy of the time, which had everyone strapped for cash. Nobody wanted to spend money where they didn't need to, and many people simply didn't have the means to get to the party.

Oh well.

July 2008
Icebreed, Tiryst (Kyle), Vixtar Firefly, Rythor Dark (Kevin), Bradig Sorleagh (Ryan), noughtymonki (Devilin), Chelsey (Ryan's girlfriend, non-Alter), Candice (Kevin's girlfriend, non-Alter)

The Next Alt Party!

There are no plans for the next Alt Party.