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Full Name: Adain Asteria He'nateth
Age: 46 Summers (Shen'ihr years, 23 Earth years comparative)
Race: Shen'ihr Chaos Focus
Birthplace: Shen'ihr Homeworld
Status: Active
Power Type: Magic

Original Techniques

~[Pillar of Creation]
~[Empowered Chaos IV]
Solar Winds
Passive Abilities
Celestial Conduit
Solar Prominence [25%]
Touch of Chaos

Common Techniques

Passive Upgrades
Enlightenment (Passed)

Techniques In Progress



Martial Prowess: Prior to his forced transformation, Adain was a highly-skilled martial artists. Though such is not uncommon among the Shen'ihr, he specialized in unarmed combat in the arena of armed conflict, and could easily best any armed foe with nothing but his fists. The sundering of his power has made this knowledge all but useless, but he still possesses it, and can handily defeat most any mortal in single, unpowered combat.
Bounty of the Seas: Though once a powerful and respected soldier, Adain's beginnings were quite humble as he is the son of a fisherman. He is a skilled sailor, fisherman, fishmonger, and even has notable capability in the kitchen as a cook.
Pen and Prose: Outside of his activities as a power-wielder, Adain studies language and literature, and his successfully published several works of fiction. Reviews of these works were mixed, but he seems to have a fairly high opinion of his own abilities as an author.

Physical Appearance

Adain's new body is very similar to that of a feline demihuman originating from Earth, although still alien in origin. He stands five and a half feet tall in a tailed body covered in fur. By Earth standards most would consider the new body attractive, but as it is the opposite gender from the body he was born in, he tends to have an ungainly and awkward bearing while trying to adjust to the change.


Adain is the second-oldest of four children, being roughly thirty summers (or fifteen Earth Years) younger than his elder sister. For the first part of his life, he was content to simply be the son of a fisherman and learn his father's trade, and it was only after his elder sister was inducted into the ranks of the Inquisition that he began to see a life with greater meaning on the horizon. Inspired by her accomplishments, he enlisted into the military and became an infantryman. For the first ten summers of his enlistment he fought 'abominations' across countless worlds, always moving with the tip of the spear when it came to purging the galaxy of the taint the Majin sorcerers had brought to bear. It was only after one such abomination cursed him with her dying breath that things went awry. Now, in a body that is a natural conduit for the very energies he had spent years attempting to destroy entirely, he must flee his kin and find sanctuary on Earth. Though he hopes to one day be returned to his original form, the prospects of such grow grimmer by the day, and Adain now faces a reality in which he has become the very abominations he sought to eradicate.